Well done Mr. Hitchens

Mr. Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail today posted this article about the British Police.  It is so badly misinformed and laden with so many errors that I’ve decided to create this blog simply to show you how very wrong he is.

Mr. Hitchens has chosen an easy target, the police.  Why you ask is it easy to critisise the police? It’s easy because they cannot speak out, as individual officers, against such misrepresentation in the media as their disciplinary regulations prevent it.  Furthermore because the press complaints commission will only investigate issues where an individual is harangued they won’t step in.  In addition to these issues the Daily Mail itself has removed the option to post comments at the end of the article.  Why they have done this I don’t know as they normally only do so when it is legally prudent, such as in ongoing court cases.

Either way individual police officers currently have no recourse in such biased articles, hence the reason for this blog.  It wont counter just the anti police articles but also the anti NHS ones too and when I have a screen shot of the page I’ll prove every point and area of misinformation that he’s posted so you can see how very wrong he is.  For the moment however I’ll leave you with just the one point.  He clearly has no regard for the safety of you, the reader, as he demands the removal of TASER from the police.  TASER is a weapon designed to be less lethal than firearms so that the police can deal with those who are so violent or possess such weapons that they would have been dealt with by firearms officers in the past but with a much reduced chance of killing them.  If response officers don’t have TASER then you, the public, will have to wait longer for the police to arrive which means you are at greater risk of being seriously injured.  Like I said, well done Mr. Hitchens.


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