How can Tom Winsor look at himself in the mirror?

Tom Winsor, responsible for reducing the starting wage for the Police to £19,000 pa, while at the same time increasing the entry qualifications; who decided that direct entry to the significant rank of Superintendent was a good idea as well as being able to make Police officers redundant; who increased the age at which Police officers can draw their pension; who decided that Police officers must have mandatory fitness tests, but not give them any time within work to keep their fitness levels to that standard (unlike Fire & Rescue and Ambulance HART), has decided that wearing this uniform to the National Police Memorial Day is appropriate.



Apparently this is the ‘ceremonial uniform’ of the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, which Tom Winsor now is.  To me, and to many others, this is the uniform of a Chief Officer of a UK Police Force.  

How dare he.  How dare he believe he is in any way entitled to wear a uniform in which men and women far braver than he have died in.  Men and women who gave their lives in service to this country, protecting the public, the vulnerable and the most needy of our society.  How dare he have the temerity to meet the families of dead officers while wearing this uniform, look them in the eye and tell them he is sorry for their loss.  Not only has he never served a single day in any police force in the country but has also destroyed the terms and conditions of officers up and down the land.  

I hope Winsor looks at the families of the dead, sees the quiet dignity mixed with the total sadness in their eyes and realises he isn’t fit to wear that uniform and never does so again.  It would have been far more respectful to the fallen to wear a somber suit and black tie but then that wouldn’t have given him the opportunity to play dress up.


115 thoughts on “How can Tom Winsor look at himself in the mirror?

  1. Ramlen

    It doesn’t really matter what costume Winsor chooses to don, all the pretending in the world will never make him an honourable man. I wonder if he knows that a child wearing an Early Learning Centre police costume commands more respect than he does?

  2. Yvonne Heinzl

    He should be made to take the fitness test before being allowed to wear the uniform. **** as I cannot say what I really feel about him.

  3. Mick

    This tosspot should be tarred and feathered, i reckon they should have issued him with a Weasel costume because that is what he is,,sorry Weasels everywhere

    1. Wen Glew

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. A friend of mine is in the force and has been for a decade, she wouldn’t piss on this bloke if he was on fire. She is outraged as you can imagine. She has worked incredibly hard to get where she is and having this arse dictating to her, and her colleagues, belittles her uniform.

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  5. tom

    Stop moaning. You don’t have to a job that specials do for free for fun. The pay is being brought into line with teachers and nurses. It is still a lot more than an armed forces recruit. And is it really such a bad job when 250000 hits were received on a Web site advertising recruitment for 12 officer jobs. Seriously get real.

    1. Mick Robinson


      You omitted to say what you do for a living. Presumably you are one of the great British public that likes to criticise but will be the first to call when you need help. You obvioulsy have forgotten about the 2 female officers murdered in Manchester and the traffic officer killed last week.

      1. tom

        I have never called the police. I just see literally thousands of people applying for officer jobs. I see people doing it for free. If it’s that bad to paid 45000 as a sergeant doing a backroom job leave. By the way I’m forces.

    2. JWS

      Tom, why do I’ll-informed people like you insist on commenting on matters of which you clearly have little insight or knowledge? You insist on supporting the race to the bottom and churning out the arguement about nurses, teachers and soldiers not running as much as Police Officers. The point you SHOULD be making is, we should be campaigning to bring those wages UP to an acceptable level, not that ours’ should be desemated. When you have done the following, all in one shift, feel free to come back and comment:quite literally scraped a 12 year old from the front windscreen of a “morning after the night before” drink driver’s car; had that child die in your arms; watched as the arrested drink driver (twice over the limit) shrugs it off as if nothing has happened; deal with ignorant motorists and pedestrians who insist on trying to breach your cordons, saying, “but I just want to… (Insert your own pathetic self-centred me, me, me remarks)” even after you’ve politely explained why they are there; soon afterwards had to supervise a terrified probationer delivering their first death message to the bereft and confused parents of said 12 year old; still later patrolled an estate where there are gang tensions, in order to prevent yet another young life being taken by senseless knife crime and have odious little oiks spit at you and abuse you, whilst their parents do the same when you try to chastise their little darlings, who can do no wrong in their eyes – THEN MY FRIEND YOU CAN TELL ME THAT I’M NOT WORTH THE MONEY! Oh and by the way, I was a Special Constable once myself. I chose to do it voluntarily (to put something back into the community) until I was able to get paid to do it.

      1. tom

        My point is there are literally 100 of 1000s that want to do the job. Some do it for free. Fyi I have never called the police. Also I am ex armed forces so don’t presume to lecture me on having a bad shift. Believe me you won’t win that one.

      2. JWS

        I Never said it was a bad shift… Just a tough one and they are as regular as clock-work. If you are ex armed forces then you will understand where I am coming from, although I would never presume to know where you are coming from (although my partners still serving RAF). As to the thousands waiting in the wings for the job… That is because there is so much unemployment. I dread to think what the standard of recruit will be when he salary is lower that of a House of Commons Barista. When I joined the job only one in hundred applicants were deemed good enough to make the grade. The current regime appears to want come one come all for the junior ranks and over-qualified (or I appropriately qualified) inexperienced tiffs for the senior ranks. The creation of short term contracts is not far off and the inexorable march to mediocrity and policing ceasing to be a vocation and becoming just a “job” is now inevitable… We are all entitled to an opinion and I will always DARE to voice mine.

      3. Susy

        This is exactly what they want – squaddies and coppers arguing – divide and conquer. Is it too much to hope that we coujld all agree that both sets of profewssionals do a great job and neither deserve to be shafted by people who are not fit to wipe their shoes.

    3. Ben

      Tom, I think you missed the point. You say that you are ex-forces so how do you feel when a ‘walt’ gatecrashes Rememberance Day? So before you tell me how many people want to be in the police and flex you ‘forces’ bravado, best you think about it first.

    4. Chris Murray-Hill

      Well, of course, you’d know all about I suppose ! I can assure you, it is not quite the same as being a special, good souls that they are. They can pick and choose when they work and to an extent, what they do. Not the same with the professional, regulars. In line with teachers? what risks do they take? A profession controlled by the left! Nurses, yes they do a great job, but they are not the same profession with a calling as they used to be. Again, what is the risk factor there? How many nurses/teachers have been killed or seriously injured on duty in the last 10 years compared with Police Officers ? ’tis you who needs to get real !

    5. Roger

      Really no idea what u are rabbiting on about. This thread is about a man no sorry person who has no right to wear a police uniform and no respect for those that do. I would hope that all police officers have the greatest respect for all other emergency service personnel plus all of our armed forces.

    6. Cops n Robbers

      You need to live in the real world. Police are paid more as they cannot live in certain area due to local hatred and can’t be open to corruption. They also get posted all over the county they work and have to travel using their own fuel and vehicle with nothing back to help. At one point I was doing 100 miles a day for work…not my choice. It is also to compensate for all the abuse, what is seen everyday, shifts in all weathers, late off (bearing in mind we have to work 45 minutes free before any overtime is given which is taxed)…I could go on

  6. Ratty

    Reporting crime to Cardiff Police is easy. Contact can be made via the S Wales Police website.

    Impersonating a Police Officer is an offence contrary to S90(1) of The Police Act 1996

  7. Calan

    I thought the idea of Winsor was to save money. How much money, time and effort was WASTED on a uniform for him? Probably enough to pay a PC for a year…

  8. k

    Tom. You chose do the job for free…how would you feel if you were told you now needed to pay a fee to do a shift…the main point is and always will be the senseless destruction of terms and conditions that people. ..people with family’s. With lifes and plans signed up to… that have been changed like a click of the fingers you say you served in the armed forces so i’l give you the benefit of the doubt here as im dubious. How much value do you put on giving up your right to life and risking it every day…armed forces and the police are not world’s apart. I’m shamed appalled and disgusted at your lack of compassion and dignity to those who have given their freedom and life to protect others. Is it acceptable a coffe barista in house of commons is on a higher salary

  9. booohooo

    The standard of fitness you have to reach in the police is pure comedy. Any healthy human being should be able to reach at least 7 never mind a ridiculously low 5.4 by just eating healthy and zero cardio.

    1. JWS

      Now that, I can agree with. As will most officers with more than 15 years service… Then again, I’ve never done a bleep test in 22 years! Was mile and a half in under 12 minutes in my day.

  10. aileen

    Hadn’t realised the Christmas panto season had started quite so early this year! Walking the boards is all he’s suitable for, since walking the streets on his own in that uniform would have him running for cover faster than anyone could say “He’s behind you!” He gets my vote for the Christmas Turkey !

  11. Clarence Zimmerman

    We had the same thing here in the states when the City hired a Police commissioner to run the Police Department and he was from a state 1200 miles away and never worked the streets !!

  12. @SwornOfficer

    Winsor has shown a complete lack of respect to police officers by wearing that uniform.
    Perhaps ‘Tom’ would get the sense of outrage if his cadet admin clerk had turned up in a General’s uniform one day.
    Yes the fitness test is set at a low standard, perhaps because the Gov’t recognise that a higher standsrd would require training time to maintain a level of fitness.
    Yes, the job remains attractive to the impressionable, just like the military. I have done both FYI.

  13. Brummie,

    Tom,Get Real,you seem to have a chip on your shoulder.The old bill do an important and difficult job,At the 21 year point i had planned to join the Met and had done a couple of night shift with the Acton and Ealing area car(in a jacket and Tie)and was most impressed with the professioni=alism,unfortunateley i was injured in my last year so could not proceed with that wishes to allwho serve in all services.

  14. GettingCynical

    This disgusts me this man would wear a uniform he has no right to wear, to an event to honour the fallen police officers. Police officers who have given their live to protect and serve this country.
    The man is a disgrace. The photo shows just how much he thinks of himself and nothing of how he is seen by the eyes of the police and their family.
    …. and we, the police, have already paid our fair share of pay cuts and freezes. We still don’t know where we stand with out pensions, but we know what we originally were sold and have paid into for many years has been robbed from us. We have no canteens, no places to rest and eat our refreshments (that’s if we get time for them). We have no gyms to improve fitness and no time to do this. I know people will say “go to the gym out of work hours” – but when you work shifts, constant overtime because there is too much work and not enough officers… how is this possible? When are we supposed to see our family or have any work/life balance?
    I didn’t join the police to get rich. I joined to help people and make a difference.
    This Mr Windsor man has managed to destroy any shred or morale that was left in the job.
    He has made me consider another career path as I am wondering how much longer I can put up with the stress, the hours, the fact that I cannot eat a proper meal plan (if on nights the only option is a take out) – we don’t even have cookers any more to prepare our own food. We have flea ridden carpets in our offices and families of mice. It’s disgusting.
    But I keep doing it because I still care… but I wonder how much longer that will go on for.
    And to the person who commented on how many people are applying for posts…. what kind of applicants do you think these will be????? How many of them will be suitable?
    And with A19 taking bite, all the experience and wisdom and knowledge is being lost.
    Shame on Mr Windsor and shame on the commenters here who wish us ill. We cannot strike, we do not WANT to strike. All we want is respect.
    Remember us when you see us getting spat at and assaulted in your local town on Saturday night.
    Remember the two policewomen who got assassinated by a crazed idiot – they thought they were responding to a burglarly. They thought they were going to help YOU.. the public!!!

    1. rendela

      He, like others, is highly paid for a quick financial fix without long term gain. His job description and for others like him should be; someone without the ability to think beyond themselves and definitely not able to think into the future. He has the right qualifications and there will be more trouble to come to the detriment of our country.

  15. Philip Hagan

    Does it really surprise anyone on here when you see the way the country is run..this is very very minor in the league of things happening in GB at the moment..look at the mess our Armed Forces are in …nuff said!!

  16. BadgersMoon

    Why isn’t this impersonating a police officer? He’s not and never has been a serving officer. Someone should arrest that man…

  17. Eddie

    Tom’s talking ****, lots of us ex squaddies could blah blah blah – point is none of us pretend to be something we’re not. Tom, read George Orwell’s Animal Farm, if you don’t understand it, you’re not bright

  18. Rob

    We all go into our respective professions aware of the risks and the pay and conditions. It is patently wrong to compare the roles. Police officers in 2013 not only balance risk to themselves and others but also the enumerate functions of a social worker, not forgetting complex paper work etc. What is wrong is that the elite can change these conditions of any of us within the blink of an eye. The squirters and teachers are on strike. We cannot. You cannot compare the roles, they are different. What should take place is coordinated and concerted joint efforts to fight the rise of the rich!!

  19. Bushbaby

    Reminds of the fairy tale of the kings new clothes. In that the king, stark bollock naked, was convinced by all around him(who were afraid of him) that he really was dressed in the finest cloth in the land.when the truth came out hell to pay. In tom’s case, dressed in a finery of a sort he has convinced himself{but no one else} he is a copper and feels very grand-everyone else can see him for what he is- yet despite this this there is still hell to pay and pay and pay

  20. David caro.

    Dave Caro. Retired South Yorkshire Police & Ex RAF. ( Holder of the General Service Medal – South Arabia & Police Service Long Service and Good Conduct Medal )

    This is an appalling state of affairs, how dare this excuse of a man wear the Queens’s uniform to which he not entitled to. He should be ashamed of himself and never pull such a insulting stunt ever again. And as for your policy, brave man !!, Hear Hear !!, is this how you and Mr Cameron value the Police Force of the UK. You are not fit to hold Office in any Government let alone wear the Queen’s uniform of any Service or rank !!.

    Do the Police Service a big favour and resign ASAP/PDQ.

  21. Scrambler

    No-one has mentioned Princess Anne who can and has wore the uniform of a rear admiral and has never served. Or someone who receives an honoury degree and can wear the ball and gown of the donating university and never studied for a degree. Shouldn’t you be as suitably indignant about her as you also pay for her and the rest of the leeches that make up the royals. As for having to have served to criticise, I can’t play the piano but I can tell you when it’s played badly. It’s not a pre-requisite, get over yourselves you’re not a special group.

    1. JWS

      Err, Scrambler, I think you’ll find that we are! The law says that we are; The Office of Constable is a “special” role/job that can not be carried out by just anyone – nor would most want to. It is us who run towards the danger when “most” (not necessarily all) are running from it. I feel no need to get over myself and if you knew me or many of my colleagues and did what we do everyday, you would not be so crass.

  22. cockney smudge

    I have read a few comments on here, I find it sad that we are all missing the point. There was a time when those on power knew the roles serviceman and police officers did day to day to get the job done, because they had done it previously. Now we have men in power who wish to wear a uniform they have not earned, Mr Windsor should be ashamed of himself.
    I served in the British army for 10 years and have been a police officer for 13 years. Both jobs are demanding, but let’s be fair both organisations have there share of rear echelon types. Rather than snipe about who’s job is more demanding let’s show Windsor the respect he deserves,…….
    Absolutely none, the same as Mr Miliband & Mr Cameron, they have no idea how the majority live and are out of touch, it’s a shame if you meet the man,

  23. John

    Cannot believe anyone would challenge the difficult job of Policing our difficult society. I am a serving Soldier with 23 years service and had a fair share of “difficult shifts”. It is not a competition and to all who serve our communities with such distinction I thank you. It is a dangerous, emotionally charged and challenging career that deserves the very highest level of respect from those of us lucky enough to enjoy their support. To all Police men and women past and present, and particularly to those we have sadly lost, Thank you!

  24. Nick

    I thought wearing Police uniform if you weren’t a sworn Constable was an offence? This takes the self aggrandisement of the political “elite” to new heights – or should that be depths?

  25. darky

    Not wishing to sound facetious but “welcome to fire brigade world”. This is what has been happening to firefighters the last few years. Nobody is safe from these idiots!!!!!!!!

  26. Twittwoo

    Perhaps there should be a joint federation between all the emergency services/armed forces etc…. one voice saying how p’d off everyone is at being treated so badly!

  27. Douig Tobutt

    I am recently retired from the Police and considered it to be the best job that I ever had. I was proud to be a Police officer who protected the public and took a great pride in the achievements of the squads and offices I worked in. I was also in the services and like the Police service it was manned by persons who had an esprit de corp and a dedication which transcended any reward that we had. All this has been taken away, and it is to the Publics detriment.
    I have seen this photograph of Winsor, and I cannot believe that he has advisors who would have considered this to be a course of action that would be acceptable. This man is the ultimate senior officer, but during my service and police career, I have known only senior figures who have time served and displayed the necessary skills to become one. They also took the Queens commission or took a oath of loyalty to the Queen . This man is a political figure with a Political agenda laid out for him by his political masters. He is no way representative of what in my opinion a police Officer should be. I am so sad to see our Service cheapened in this way, and I sincerely hope that he takes on board all of the comments posted here and reconsiders how, now that he is in post,he can rekindle what is a declining morale from all of the dedicated staff both Officers and Civilian who work hard to keep society safe.


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