Why talking about Winsor’s uniform is important.



As of a few moments ago that’s how many hits “How can Tom Winsor look at himself in the mirror?“.  That’s one blog, started around 2 weeks ago with a post dedicated to one civilian and his ridiculous decision to wear a full ceremonial uniform to a memorial event.

Some have questioned whether it is appropriate to divert attention from National Police Memorial Day and whether this should have been discussed on another day.  Unfortunately there was little to no publicity in the media about this important remembrance service.  The BBC hid their story within the ‘Wales’ sub-section of the UK news, the Daily Mail hid the story as simply part of HRH Prince Charles day to day activities and a Google search for NPMD brings up a mere two stories in papers.

Police officers up and down the land have shared their horror and revulsion at this man, over 6,000 shares on FB and Twitter.  This means that even though media up and down the land have attempted to manipulate public opinion in such a transparent manner you have all ensured the public are aware of the event and the strength of feeling towards it.  All this work was done by you and I really can’t thank you enough.  It’s only with individual police officers spreading this news that allows for balance and replies and there must be a continuation of this to stop the police being constantly derided in the press.



One thought on “Why talking about Winsor’s uniform is important.

  1. Dougie Brown

    You’re absolutely right. See http://www.soileduniform.co.uk. If we don’t stand in the way of dishonour and derision from the government, no-one will. Even Police charities are suffering from ACPO men cosying up to their well-placed contacts to steer things their way, not for the beneficiaries. Winsor – and therefore May – are acting exactly like Idi Amin and other 3rd world despots. This is Britain! This is the 21st century! On behalf of our fallen colleagues and their surviving families, we’ll not stand for it.


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