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The Daily Mail show their colours

The recent offence taken by Ed Milliband over the Daily Mail article written about his Father has shown the political elite what I, and many others, have known for some time.  That the Daily Mail is a paper that happily distorts whatever it wants.  The Daily Mail, among others, have written these types of articles about public servants for years and have suffered no ill effects for any of them.  

It is only now that politicians are coming under this vitriolic attack that Mr. Milliband questions the “morality and boundaries” of the media however he has remained silent after every misleading and hateful article written previously written.

While I would not want the Mail to write this type of article about any parent I do hope it shows people how the Mail happily twists small snippets of information to their own end and the slant they put on articles.  I also hope that it causes real change to be put into place, although I know that is highly unlikely.

Unfortunately the only way that the paper will change is if people no longer buy their physical paper nor visit their website.  If these two things were to happen they would cease to be of any importance whatsoever.