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A plea to all employed in the public sector

A comment in a recent blog post got me thinking.  The conservative party is promoting infighting between each sector of those in public service, and as a result sniping and bickering is readily happening as to ‘who has it worse’.  This bickering is allowing the cuts imposed on the public sector to go unnoticed and remain ignored while each group fights with each other.

It’s time to fight back.  I implore all those who read this blog to contact me with examples of how the cuts in their sector is harming those who use their sector and how the cuts are reducing the level of service the public are getting.  Only by doing this can we show the voting public the harm that these cuts are causing and exposing the falsehoods planted in the media.  This invitation goes out to everyone in the public sector, armed forces, emergency services, healthcare, social services, council staff etc.

For the love of whatever deity you pray to, DO NOT contact me via your work email, nor log in to your private email through your work intranet.  Hotmail accounts can be set up in a disposable way (takes about 10 minutes), as can yahoo etc.  It goes without saying, don’t give dates, person identifiable information nor anything else that can be tracked back to you.  I will of course remove all names.

If you don’t contact me then when the public remain uninformed you can’t really complain that there’s no balance in the media nor how your point never gets across.  So please, get in touch and share the damage being done that’s being imposed by these cuts.

I can be reached via twitter – @NTDailyMail or via Facebook or via email adifferentviewpoint@hotmail dot com (replace the ‘dot’ with . and take out the spaces folks – I have to type it like that to prevent automated spam).